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Painkiller is out on soundcloud and it's been great to get lots of lovely feedback on it. Thank you to everyone that has messaged me with their kind words.

The song is about how love can bring comfort and ease pain. The production shows my love of strings but the honesty of the lyrics and vocal is still at the centre of it all.

The verses were the last parts to do on this song. I was at the piano trying to write them all day and was struggling so I decided to go out to have a break from it. As I was in the car on the way to the shop the verse melody suddenly came to me. I quickly went back home and recorded it on my phone and then started to put the lyrics to it which slotted in quite easily.

Thank you for listening to the track :)

I'm looking forward to sharing more music with you very soon.

Love Rosa x

#newsong #painkiller

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